We Deliver Fully Integrated 24/7 Creative Design Solutions

We are digital magicians. We come from the design of the high-hight industry, We born with internet, applications, we like to design them, simplify them, make them pleasant and intuitive.
It is the first ingredient of :13 society. We are above all designers. We are constantly looking for the best ergonomics, common sense, the right look for each of our customers.
UI / UX design
:13 is sensitive to pixel perfect, responsive design, and the creation of precise wireframe for the web industry. We enjoy working with Adobe XD and Figma.
webdesign + ergonomy
We are always looking for the best digital usability for the realization of your software, mobile, or web design interfaces. Our watchwords are simplicity, design, usability, interaction, speed.
We produce with rhythm premium animations for social networks. With or without music, we deliver animated packs for major brands, museums, musicians (music group).
ecological issues
Today, it is disproportionate that an email from Paris to Paris makes several trips around the world (electricity consumption is constantly increasing because of this process). We are in favor of points A / points B for data exchange or transfer.
visual identity
We have always been recognized for your typographical approach to the profession, throughout the year we carry out many creative graphic and logotype charters for redesigns or new brand identities.
creative digital experience
We have a real creative approach on each of our works, we love to attach a digital project to reality. We have received a lots of awards for our work mixing digital with reality. Exemples: Théâtre du Rond Point, Tour Paris 13.
confidentiality & security
Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance for :13 and we strive to ensure that our technical and organizational measures respect your data protection rights. This Privacy Policy describes our rules regarding the management, processing and storage of personal data submitted as part of our services. The term “personal data” refers to information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
information technology
We have the technology to create real-time monitoring tools on specific subjects for the industry or information professions.
We code front interface. We have a perfect command of the HTML / CSS display language and we enrich it with JS for effects. We deliver modern sites both in terms of design & technique, we rely on the WordPress™ content engine for our achievements.
Over time, we have created or used tools to avoid and offer alternatives to most of the services offered by GAFA and notably on tracking, the analysis of our deployed tools.
web architecture
We have a very important role which to make solid and durable the creation, the maintenance of web platform, application, web system, software. This must be thought out and organized from the start.
Our servers are located in France in a dedicated location based in Paris and Orleans, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A customer :13 can access its project files, quotes and billing, internal mail, securely and hosted on our territory.
RGPD compliant
Since our first moments, we have developed a philosophy of respect for the processing of personal data. A rigor applied to all our tools. From tracking our interfaces / sites, to project management, invoicing, quotations, customer management, to the emails of our orders, all data is hosted in France on our own servers (Paris & Orléans) and at our web server provider OVH (Roubaix). This goes without saying also in design, in the sense that we avoid in our design to make code calls via platforms or services for which we do not know the general conditions of use of the data. :13 complies with ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 for safety management and risk assessment and processing associated with data. All of our disks are encrypted, we continue to strive for an optimization of data security. An expertise that we decided to put at the disposal of our customers.
intranet :13
We have a secure intranet to ensure exchanges and transfers throughout the realization of your order (from the deposit of customer data to billing). This intranet includes powerful management functions: GANTT project / encrypted messaging / project management tool / quote / billing.
server :13
We are in server capacity to deploy about fifty virtual machines (VM) on a short time for your most ambitious projects. These virtual machines include an Office suite, a drive, cripted instant messaging, a photo and video server. The client datas are stored on our secure servers.
We support the use of out-of-the-box scripting or services that we do not control over privacy policies. As a result, we are putting in place tools that are specific to us and hosted in France: web analysis, monitoring and the customer intranet.
By registering for our services or by filling out a contact form on our site ( or other sites belonging to :13, you agree and agree that :13 may collect, process, store and / or use personal data submitted in accordance with the rules set out below. By giving us your consent, you also retain the right of rectification, the right to be forgotten and / or the right to the deletion of your personal data. We have always been very vigilant about “customer data”, as well as script calls on remote servers, design in our themes, templates and products. Creative Design Labs is not marketing, we have always applied a hard policy when the data collected: zero resale of mailing, zero use of data without consent of our customers. We never cross the data between customer accounts. We do not use customer files for resale purposes (photographs, videos, customer data, mailings). For the past 2 years, we’ve been using the Let’s Encrypt (FR) certification authority to secure all our customer sites and services :13 (Intranet, Virtual Machines, …). The European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016.
app design
This is the primary job of the agency: “layout design”. We have designed numerous interfaces, web software, mobile for cinema, banking, VR.
sound design
We have always produced sound coverings to enrich our productions. We have a digital studio allowing us to make your punchy and colorful soundtracks.
content management
We have always worked with the WordPress™ publication tool, we have specialized in this content management system.