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  • Presentation

    Since our first moments, we have developed a philosophy of respect for the processing of personal data. After installing the recommend tool by the C.N.I.L.: tarteauxcitrons.js we were disappointed with the graphical interface of it. We made the decision to draw it fully and offer a graphic and ergonomic added value to the tool. We are distributing just above our most basic version of our makeover. A more powerful and complete version is available. We remain at your disposal to exchange on this product:

  • Installation

    The installation is simple and fast, the script places it in the header of your HTML files. The "difficulty" is to identify the scripts used. Once downloaded you must put the folder [guardcat] to the root of your F.T.P. server. Then put in the header of your files the following script:

    1 Download (put folder in root on your F.T.P. server)

    2 In a folder find INSTALL_JS_guardcat_for_copy_and_paste.txt Copie / Past / Put your API key by script used on your website.

    3 Integrate the script on your html [JavaScript in head].

  • Update

    To update our tool simply, simply replace on your server F.T.P. the entire new folder with the old one.

  • Premium Version

  • Support

    For any technical questions about the tool you can refer to the complete documentation of PITTEAUXCITRONS.JS we use their engine, as well as by email

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