Digital design "Comme un poisson dans l'air"

Like a fish in the air, this is the story of giving through song.
It is the voice of a mother, the voice of a singer, the voice of Camille which, through the vibrations of sound, weaves links with the unborn child. Connect your child to the world, and the world to the child. It is along this exploration that Camille guides us, by asking the Mystery question, this impossible question. What do we perceive before being born? The extraordinary and jack-of-all-trades singer makes us taste this very special state that is the gradual encounter with her “fish”. And embrace with her a sensory and documentary research, mixed with personal memory, experimentation and a link to tradition.
A visual dive into his sound world.
Production : Bachibouzouk / Laurent Duret
Design Digital :13

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Patrick Guedj
Web Architecture, design