wizards of digital creation, since 2005.

:13 is an independent digital design studio working for high-tech industry, web, new media, TV, radio, museums, libraries and architecture studios. :13 skills & achievements are web design, creative concepts with internet, digital branding, creation of high-quality digital templates / presentations & support for content management. :13 essentially develop its products with WordPress™ publication tool. :13 is independent on web tracking, project management via its personal tools. All datas for both storage & system are hosted in France, with particular attention to the RGPD process during the whole digital conception. :13 Design Lab imposes an artistic sensibility as well as a permanent watch on the latest digital technologies. :13 has designed more than 300 digital interfaces with more than 150 customers in Europe. :13 is Clémence Brunet & Simon Dupont-Gellert.


:13 has more than +150 customers in Europe.


We have designed more than +300 digital interfaces.



Wagram Music


Artisans du film

digital development.

Lagardère Groupe


Ateliers Varan

training workshops in web documentary.


design of operation dataville by airbnb.

Speed Jesus

artwork, cover, design.

la Scala Paris

interface design.

Patrick Guedj

interface design, development of portfolio.

Radio Classique

interface design.


animations video.

Matthieu Malon

cover, posters.

Tour Paris 13

la Blogothèque art direction web of tower 13.

Château de Versailles

Camera Lucida art direction « Le Nôtre en perspectives ».

Boom Opérator

display campaign & disc cover.

la Blogothèque

production la Blogothèque interface design of website.

Onze Mondial

model print of the number 1 selina herbert (m.m.).

Caisse d’Epargne

guestbook print spirit music.


cover disk, da, sound design.


agency heaven print campaign with augmented reality.


agency heaven samsung mobiler, da web.

Paris Med’

agency bronx. design web, ask media.

Festival Scope Pro

design web pro.

la Finance pour Tous

bronx. interface, ask media.

les Echos

design site « news echosnomies ».


design of the second disc of laudanum.

30 ans danse

webdesign interface with christophe parre.


disc cover.

Micro Folie Sevran

webdesign, design booking system.

Défi Festival

disc cover.

Chef Gondo

ginger energy drinks visual identity.

Grue Titan de Nantes

lighting design.

Maximal Sound

art direction, webdesign

TAP Poitiers

design of theatre auditorium of poitiers.

Matthieu Chedid

labo -m-, interface design.

University of Paris 13

special intervention for master m.m.i.

Paris Tower 13

la Blogothèque art direction of the film.

Cosmopolis Festival

global design for lisboa music festival’s.

CCC exposition Davide Balula

site that destroys itself as the visits.

MaMa Festival

first edition poster, interface animation

Jacques Demy

la Blogothèque cinémathèque zoom sur…

ArteKino Festival

design iOS iPad & iOS iphone, web.

Carnets de Ville – Mistral Urbain

arte Carnets de ville for mucem museum.

Adiam 91, irma


Virgin Mobile


Power Poulpe and Music

artwork, cover, design.

Chabbi Banque

agency entrecom artistic direction.

Maeva Delacroix

web tweaking on cms wordpress.


agence heaven, animation.

Connaissance des Arts

webdesign, ergo.

Tryo music

helping website.


poster, website.

CCI Centre

cci management interface design, lcube.


design group recruitment campaign.

Noémie Ventura

paper book.

Cédric Vannier

paper book.

Arts et Métiers

exhibition mechanumanimal enki bilal.

Théâtre sans Animaux

rond-point theatre.

Near Death Experience

cover artwork vinyl.

Amos Gitai

la blogothèque cinémathèque zoom on…

EZCT architecture

webdesign + html5 & css.


webdesign + html5 & css.


visual identity.